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The concept of space is one that often is unimaginably difficult to put into scale. Astronomy fact 18 It would take light years to travel from one end of the Tarantula Nebula to the other. Learn About Chandra Photo Album. Hercules A Some galaxies have extremely bright cores, suggesting that they contain a supermassive black hole that is pulling in matter at a prodigious rate. Astronomy fact 26 In throughTycho's Supernova was so bright that it was visible during the day! Astronomy fact 1 There is a supermassive black hole in the center of our very own Milky Way Galaxy. Explosive death of a star, caused by the sudden onset of nuclear burning in a white dwarf star, or gravitational collapse of the core of massive star followed by a shock wave that disrupts the star. Astronomy fact 5 Planetary nebulas have nothing to do with planets! The black holes orbit each other for hundreds of millions of years before they merge to form a single supermassive black hole that sends out intense gravitational waves.


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