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Cassidy] Ima hustla, Ima,Ima hustla homie I got the product, narcotics for the customers homie, Fiends open they be smoking like a muffler homie, Niggas phony so I only got a couple of homies, If you a hustla I could I could fuck with yah homie, You spend a couple bucks I stay in touch wit' ya homie I get money, I get 20 a K, I got 20 strips all doin' 20 a day, ay I get cake from buds or haze, Im makin' dubs They hatin' 'cause Im on tha grind like Im makin' love When cops got tha block hot like jamaican clubs Cop weight, wait for a drought and then make it flood Try and take my cake you gone take a slug But you can take my information if you takin' drugs 'Cause I can sell raid to a bug, Ima hustla I can sell salt to a slug 'cause. To get paid you got saved dont be spending the change, In 5th grade i was hustling my genesis games, I was dumb young, selling chewing gum to my classmates, On the cash chase, moving at a fast pace, Never been a dummy, never did what the dummys do, So I had to mil to burn before I turned twenty two, More money more problems is true, Cuz the more money I make the more problems for you, Yeah I use dude voice, props to the boy sean, He made it a hot line, I made it a hot song, So stop drawn man you gotta respect it, I'm the best swizz got it perfected, Dont mess with C-A double S-I-D-Y, Cuz I became the best when B-I-G died, The kid do it big like P-U-N, Cuz I'm nice like P-A-C with the P-E-N end. All lyrics are the property of their respective authors, artists and labels. This for all my niggas thats going through the struggle thats on the grind, all my niggas that ever had to hustle to get out a dollar, this for yall man, personality change man, the kid cassidy, this for the hood man. You gotta check out. I'm A Hustla Lyrics Artist: Please check back for more Cassidy lyrics.


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